How to Update a Squarespace Menu Block

Step 1 - Add the Menu Block

  1. Open a page or post editor.
  2. Click an Insert Point or the +.
  3. Select Menu.

Step 2 - Add a menu

To help you get started, the Menu Block includes sample content. We recommend replacing the sample items one-by-one with your own menu items to preserve formatting. You can also delete the content and follow the steps in this section.

The Menu Block can hold multiple menus. For example, you can add your brunch, lunch, dinner, and dessert menus to the same block. To add a menu:

  1. Enter the name of the menu.
  2. Add at least three equals signs (=) below it.

Step 3 - Add a section

You can divide each menu into sections. For example, sections can organize a menu by appetizers, salads, entrées, sides, and desserts.

To create a section:

  • Enter the section name below the appropriate menu.
  • Add at least three hyphens (-) beneath it.
  • On the line directly below the three hyphens, enter an optional description of the section.
  • Ensure there's an empty line between sections.

Step 4 - Add menu items

To add a menu item:

  • Enter the name of the item below a section.
  • Add a description of the item below its name.
  • To display the price, add a price below the description.
  • Add pricing variants by using a slash (/) between prices. This is useful for prices by the glass/bottle or full/half-portions.
  • Add market prices by adding $MKT or $Market Price as the price. As long as the currency symbol is first, you can place the price immediately after the menu item or description.