Efficient trend-defining website production, mobile application development, digital media marketing, and consultation.


Krate consists of digital natives that at their core possess ideals of creation through innovation and disruptive thinking. Based out of Forty Fort, PA we are on a mission on a mission to empower small business via the free and open ideals of the internet. We strive to create the most efficient, cost effective, and unique digital solutions for all of our clients. 


Our Services

All of our digital creations clearly communicate the ideals and material the client wants to display. Our attention to detail is like no other; we will mold each pixel to perfection while working within your budget to achieve the best results for your project.

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Krate is a company of builders, creators, and rebels. Our internal products are disruptive and our digital creations are efficient and trend-defining. We believe in empowering small business via the free and open principles of the internet.

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